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Our solutions (Proof of Concept) allow for a quick adaptation and integration with existing billing systems. These include:

Teldasoft Clearing System (Herion)

  • Ready solution for Telecommunications operators, Virtual operators (MNO/MVNO), CATV operators or other content providers and energy operators.
  • BSS class system enabling online/offline billing/clearing as well as fraud detection management.
  • IoT/IIoT billing using devices (hosted at the client) as well as remote devices. Support for various billing models, including the subscription model and the so-called Real-Time billing.

Teldasoft DirectWare + (ERP system)

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Teldasoft PhotoGuard (monitoring support system from independent cameras/photo traps)

  • Application intended for remote control of recording devices (camera traps), intended for remote monitoring and photo/video acquisition.
  • System intended for institutions dealing with control and remote monitoring.